Sparrow mug


The sparrow mug is perfect for a person who loves birds of all kinds, such as a backyard bird watcher. Actually, sparrows are among the most widespread of all wild birds so it’s almost impossible not to watch them.

Sparrows tend to nest on buildings and houses. They are mostly seed-eaters but also consume small insects. Some species scavenge for food around cities and will eat small amounts of almost anything.

Their brown mottled plumage makes for great camouflage, and they are intensely social.

Fun facts:

Sparrows fly at about 28 mph (45 km/h) with 15 wing beats per second and no periods of gliding.

In the wild, sparrows have an average life expectancy of 4-5 years, but one lived for almost two decades; it was found dead 19 years and 9 months after it was ringed in Denmark.

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• High Gloss + Premium White Finish
• ORCA Coating
• Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
• 3.7″H x 3.7″W x 3.2″D
• 10.2″ Circumference

Sparrow mug

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