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AHOY nautical mug


Are boating, sailing, and the open water in your blood? Steering for a party? Say AHOY to someone new. This nautical mug says "Hello World" in big capital letters.

Makes a great gift for a captain or first mate – maybe even the entire crew. The AHOY mug will be a hit on ship and on shore. Pirates will love it! If you are looking for a maritime theme, Matey, this is your mug.

Alexander Graham Bell originally suggested "Ahoy" be adopted as the standard greeting when answering a telephone, before "Hello" (suggested by Thomas Edison became common.  (Wikipedia)

From the California Coast to the New England shore, from the Cote Azure to the Caribbean and way Down Under, everybody understands AHOY.

Fun fact: To say hello to a friend in the Czech Republic, you simply say . . . you guessed it. Ahoy!

Staying with the nautical theme, here's a vintage image of a sailing ship design we feature on several products:

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy

AHOY nautical mug

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