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If you're into inspirational or motivational quotes, not to mention some sound advice from the finest thinkers humankind has produced, here are few e-books that might interest you.

Everything of importance has been said before by somebody who did not discover it. ~Alfred North Whitehead

Inspirational Quotes on Life

This is Book 2 in the Wisdom Quotes Illustrated series. It features bold images, reflections, and quotes about optimism, courage, love, and some 30 other topics. Here’s a suggestion: the first time you open the book, scroll through and simply enjoy the pictures. Then, focus on your special interests and delve into the rich content.
Quotes inspire us by focusing attention on things we already know, or at least sense. It might be fun to dial back a notch and simply call them “reminders.”

So what’s in it for you? Have a look inside at amazon.com.

It all starts with positive thinking

Here’s what they want you to believe: spending money, acquiring possessions, and keeping up with your neighbors will make you happy.

Here’s what they’re hiding from you: it doesn’t work that way and it never has.

Inspirational Quotes about Positive Thinking offers a better perspective. The source of true happiness lies within you. It’s all about being yourself even if you’re different--and who isn’t?--seeing things in a favorable light, facing challenges with hope, and, yes, overcoming difficulties with confidence. [read more at amazon.com]

 Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted.  ~Groucho Marx

How self-confident are you? Be honest with yourself.

There are dozens of self-confidence checklists on the Web, and many of them will provide good information. Most of us probably fall somewhere in the middle of the range between "I am the greatest” and “I can’t trust myself to do anything right.”

If you’re not satisfied with your score, and you’d like to feel more self-assured—or give others the courage to act—there’s good news. Laying a solid foundation and getting started with the basics doesn’t have to be complicated. [read more and look inside at amazon.com]