Do something wonderful mug -- Albert Schweitzer quote


This mug is all about encouraging positive actions by setting a great example.

Albert Schweitzer also felt that “example is not the main thing in influencing others, it's the only thing.”

It’s OK to be skeptical when people proclaim the “only thing,” the “only explanation,” or the “only way.” When it comes to affecting others, we know that it is not only behavior but that advice, reasoning, and even persuasion can also work.

Still, the difference between advice and example is huge. Francis Bacon summed it up very well. He compared giving good advice to building with one hand. Providing sound advice while also setting a good example, he said, was like building with both hands. Combining good advice and a bad example was the equivalent of building with one hand while tearing down with the other.

The topic of raising children comes to mind, and the role parents play in modeling conduct, attitudes, and even ways of being. Older generations may have difficulty making their kids listen, but the likelihood that children will follow in their parents’ footsteps, imitate them, has always been high.

This high quality 11oz. ceramic white accent mug has a premium hard coat that provides crisp and vibrant color reproduction sure to last for years. Perfect for all hot & cold beverages. 

• High Gloss + Premium White Finish

• ORCA Coating

• Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

• 3.7″H x 3.7″W x 3.2″D

• 10.2″ Circumference

Do something wonderful mug -- Albert Schweitzer quote

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