Meadowlark coffee mug


For a little background information about the meadowlark featured on our mugs, here are a few paragraphs from a bird watching manual published in 1934.

This bird of the fields may be seen during every month of the year. After walking among the grasses, it may suddenly fly up and may be identified by the conspicuous white outer tail feathers which flash in the sunlight.

The black crescent upon the yellow breast of the Meadowlark is a fine field mark. In the early morning, when a rising sun shines upon the open meadows, this bright yellow patch seems to be, in itself, a reflected spot of golden light. In winter, a brownish tone, more like the dried swamp grasses, covers the plumage.

Insects form the major portion of food for this guardian of the hay fields. Sow-bugs, weevils, grasshoppers, ticks, plant-lice and other enemies of the farmer all fall prey to the pointed, searching beak.

The beautiful little nest, sometimes arched over, is built of dry grass. It lies hidden upon the ground, often defying the keenest of eyes of hawk and man alike. The eggs are white, speckled with a reddish brown color. They may number from four to six.

In a very similar style, here's our wren mug:


This high quality 11oz. ceramic white accent mug has a premium hard coat that provides crisp and vibrant color reproduction sure to last for years. Perfect for all hot & cold beverages. 

• High Gloss + Premium White Finish

• ORCA Coating

• Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

• 3.7″H x 3.7″W x 3.2″D

• 10.2″ Circumference

Meadowlark coffee mug

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