Maybe the reason that dogs are best friends with human beings is because we’ve been living side by side for so long. Remains of the first “modern” dog (as opposed to a wolf) have been dated to about 14,200 years ago.

Early dogs were a far cry from anything you’d see at the World Dog Show, but I wonder whether our Stone Age forebears weren’t just as caring and attached to their hounds as we are to ours.

Whew! Thanks for staying through the history lesson.

Here’s hoping you enjoy our collection of dogs. More will be on the way soon. Meanwhile, if you have a favorite breed of dog and you’d like to see it on one of our products—a German shepherd mug, a poodle t-shirt, etc.—please drop us a line. It could be a fun challenge.

The average dog is a nicer person than the average person. ~ Andy Rooney

Easily distracted by dogs mug -- for dog lovers

Easily distracted by dogs mug -- for dog lovers

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